The Academy: A network of foresight practitioners

By exposing uncertainties and using them as a springboard for action, FARA's approach to foresight aims to encourage a proactive attitude for communities dealing with change.​

In today’s rapidly changing world, communities and organizations face numerous uncertainties and challenges. Foresight, the ability to anticipate future developments and take proactive measures, is crucial for navigating these changes effectively. AFA has emerged as a leading proponent of foresight practices, aiming to foster a proactive attitude among communities in dealing with change.

The AFA’s approach to foresight revolves around exposing uncertainties and leveraging them as catalysts for action. By embracing the unknown, AFA encourages communities to think critically about the future and develop strategies to address emerging challenges. The network of foresight practitioners established by AFA serves as a hub for knowledge exchange, collaboration, and capacity development.
Drawing from diverse agricultural foresight clusters in Africa, AFA acts as a rallying point for forward-thinking activities. Through a combination of online and offline strategies, AFA engages with foresight practitioners to facilitate the exploration of alternative futures and the identification of potential opportunities.

Furthermore, AFA’s emphasis on capacity development plays a pivotal role in equipping individuals and communities with the necessary tools and competencies for conducting foresight exercises. By offering training programs, workshops, and mentorship opportunities, AFA ensures that foresight becomes ingrained within communities, fostering a proactive and future-oriented mindset.

AFA’s network of foresight practitioners acts as a catalyst for proactive action in the face of uncertainties. By embracing foresight practices and encouraging communities to think critically about the future, AFA enables the development of robust strategies to navigate change effectively. Through knowledge sharing, capacity development, and engagement with diverse foresight clusters, AFA plays a vital role in fostering a proactive attitude within communities.